Shopify Plus has been helping new online companies

Having the right e-commerce platform for your online business is essential. Through your platform, you are supposed to have your eyes on everything. A good platform gives you an easy time of running your business without diverting your attention to other things. Shopify Plus has been helping new online companies to get rolling thanks to the fact that everything is in one place since they provide hosting for your shop; other advantages that come with free hosting offered y Shopify plus include;

  • Fast transactions even with high traffic

Since the servers hosting your store are specifically for e-commerce, they are designed to carry out transactions quick. Whether there is too much traffic on your online shop or not, you are always sure that your customers are having no problem with the loading period of your pages. Apart from fast transactions, you will also have your customers’ information that you can use for marketing.

  • Better Security

With servers built for e-commerce, Shopify Plus takes the safety of your customers and business very seriously. Their security measures eliminate the possibility of a hacker stealing from you or your customers. Having to take care of security by yourself is not easy especially if you are opening your online business for the first time and you lack the knowledge. Many people have run away from Magento since they had to take care of their site security.

  • One back end for everything

When using Shopify plus, everything you need from the apps to managing your products is done from one back end. Compared to magneto where you might need to shift your attention from one dashboard to another, Shopify plus is the ideal platform for newbies, having a single control point helps you to maintain focus and sell. When you have to shift from one dashboard to the other, you can quickly forget the critical thing to do.


Running an online business is as good as your e-commerce software. Always make sure that you research before deciding to settle for particular e-commerce software. Think about the future of your business because, with time, you will have to rely on your software to play a massive part in your store. Also, it is essential that you know which applications to install and when to do it. Since Magento and Shopify Plus both allow for these installations, you have to understand that these apps are what builds you management system hence knowing the vital apps is important.