No one says why Magento Enterprise is the perfect platform – We figured out by comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

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When you are looking for a platform for a smaller business, there are pretty much infinite choices that you can pick between and that means that you can do a lot of research before picking. However, when we are talking about an enterprise level business, the first thing that you will notice is that there are fewer options available for you to pick from. When looking at your options you will also notice that there are a few very good and serious candidates that you need to consider, and from those there are two that are particularly popular, and those are Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise. Today we are going to be comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise and we are going to try to show you why we thing Magento is the better option between the two, so make sure you keep on reading in order to find out more.

Features and flexibility

When you look at both Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, there aren’t that many areas in which they are different, however the ones that they do differ in are pretty significant, and this factor is definitely one of those. You might be probably wondering if is Shopify the best ecommerce platform? Well, when it comes to the features and the flexibility of the platforms, this is an area where Magento Enterprise clearly wins.

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If you don’t need much for your business and if the average tools are enough for you then Shopify Plus will probably be enough for you, but if you need anything more than that then Magento is your answer. Apart from letting you really show off your products with beautiful images, Magento Enterprise will also allow you to define them by their different attributes and products types, you will be able to add different sizes of products that you want to sell and much more. This is an example of more complex features that Magento will offer you, and Shopify Plus will not, and we have to say that there are many more of these examples.

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When you have an online business, it can be pretty difficult to stay unique and really stand out from the competition, but one thing that can definitely help you is being able to customize your ecommerce as much as possible. A great benefit of using a platform like Magento Enterprise is the fact that this is an open source platform, and unlike with Shopify Plus, here you have complete access to the code and that will allow you to customize pretty much anything you want about your ecommerce. Creating an ecommerce website that can really represent your business is a great step towards branding, and that is exactly what you need when you want to be successful.

Now that you have seen this article comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, hopefully you were able to see why we prefer the latter. We really hope that you enjoyed learning more about these platforms and particularly that you are now able to see why Magento Enterprise is our first choice, so make sure you check the platform out and try it out for yourself and your business.

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